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Text Message Marketing

Improve customer engagement.

As we all know email marketing is a great tool, however it is not as effective as text message marketing. Based on statistics in 2017, an average 46% of people view their emails vs 94% of people view their text messages. With this type of statistics it’s a no brainer, text message marketing is a very powerful tool to enhance your businesses exposure. 

1. Cost effective
Rather than spend a ton of money into local ads that don’t work, redirect it into text message marketing. This is an effect way of keeping your clients in the loop with new deals, services you offer, or even communicating back and forth to help close a deal. Its a cost effective way of converting potential leads into closed deals.
2. Easy to use
With the technology we use today it would be shocking to know someone who doesn’t send text messages. Same as your phone you can send a text to a client and they respond back, however instead of it going into your usual app linked to your personal phone number, it will be linked to your business phone number, a dedicated line for your customers.
3. Constant customer engagement
Customers cannot engage with billboards, google ads, or even TV commercials. With email & text message they can. Your customers can follow up about on their orders, ask questions, or even see how your day is going. It’s awesome! Get to know your customers on a personal level and attended to them as a friend with our text message marketing option.

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