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Web Development

Brand visibility and recognition.

Creating a website is the first step when building an online presence. All social media and advertising channels we take will end up going to your website. So if you have a website that isnt visually appealing, attention grabbing, and offers quality content, you will not have a lot of conversion. We at Merbi specialize in creating websites that converts potential customers into paying customers.

1. Online business card

Most people use Google and other search engines to find companies that offer the services or products they are looking for, whether it’s a lawyer, doctor, or even a restaurant, they will most likely stumble upon them through search results. Without a strong online presence your competition will be getting all the clientele. So having a website that can lure them into your business instead of others is vital. Your website is your “online business card.”

2. Trust in your business

Based on research, 60% of people are more likely to trust a business with a website. The reasoning behind this statistic is… companies with a website in the public eyes tend to be more established & trustworthy . With that in mind, creating a website that matches all of your brand colors and displays all of the services or products on your website will help the public feel more inclined into working with your company rather that the competition.

3. Importance of having a good website design.

If a website doesn’t look appealing to the eye it’s hard to stay on the website. Even if you have amazing posts, cool videos and relatable topics, none of that will help. You must take into account User interface “UI” & User Experience “UX.” Once you are able to create a website with a clean UI and great UX keeping then on your website will be much easier. Next step is creating relatable or interesting content. With all of these things together, you will have an awesome website that will have customers calling to inquire about your services or products.

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